Legalize Marijuana – It’s Time for California to Grow Up

Marijuana prohibition sucks. Alcohol is legal, but weed aint?! Come on man, how stupid is that? How many people are killed due to alcohol each year? I’ll answer that. Hella people get killed each year due to alcohol use. On the other hand, Marijuana helps the economy. Smoke some good Purple and what do people do? Chill out, watch a movie or whatever and go BUY some food. See, helps the economy. California could be the first state to do things differently. Fuck the Feds. The good people of California voted to legalize Medicinal Marijuana, but the Feds still want to fuck with the operators of the establishments who provide the service. Makes absolutely no sense. California could not legalize marijuana unless the federal government alters its current prohibition, which appears unlikely.

Again, fuck the Feds. "It's time to acknowledge that marijuana prohibition has been a catastrophic failure and we need a new approach," said Aaron Smith of the Marijuana Policy Project's California branch. Peep game, more marijuana is grown in California than any other state. It's already the state's biggest cash crop--it's just not legal. Here’s the deal, California has a major industry operating under the radar…a black market so to speak.

California could legalize marijuana and reap the financial benefits. The majority of people already know marijuana is waaay less dangerous than alcohol which provides hella taxes for the state of California. There are so many people in jails and prisons for marijuana possession….it’s just ridiculous. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco has introduced legislation for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. The only thing I don’t dig about his bill is the $50 per ounce tax. Damn, $50 dollars.

You can get a nice chunky eighth for $50!!! My folx can get a fat ounce of Bomb for about $350…maybe a lil less. The $50 tax is too much, but the idea of legalization and taxation is right on track. Let’s use some common sense and stop making the selling and smoking of Marijuana a criminal activity.

California should be a leader and show the rest of the country how to get down. The federal government never gets ANYTHING right. So again, fuck the Feds. THEY need to smoke some of this West Coast Bomb and chill out. Ya’ feel me?

Wob Bilkins ~ Host & Creator

Wob Bilkins ~ Host & Creator
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IMPIart said... @ September 6, 2009 at 1:21 PM

There are many persuasive arguments on why America should legalize marijuana, and the reasons
are sound, but the fact that many millions of Americans have used pot has not translated into
real political pressure on the people who can change the laws. One of the problems inhibiting
legalization is that people that smoke pipes or joints are not considered serious or mature. It is
this stigma that scares many citizens to hide that they smoke pot. Therefor the Reality of who
smokes pot and who does not is very different than it seems. The last three presidents
were admitted pot users and by my Understanding the same is probably true of the first three
presidents as well. Marijuana Legislation is very serious and has everything with how we define

what it means to be American. What credence do we as Americans give to the rights of the
individual to the pursuit of happiness as well as our right to privacy? In the end it is up to

us to be public about our choices and to voice our opinions to the ones that ultimately decide
what the rules are. Every hand written Letter that makes it to a representative is considered
to be the voice of a thousand people who did not take the time to write. Send an email, send a
letter make a phone call and get counted.

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