Listen to Robert Singer's Interview on RMN Radio - You'll think Twice About Eating Meat

Date: Sunday, 26-July-2009

In Response To: Obama nominee: Animals can sue people (unruly_hen)

Robert talks about how 9/11, and his study into who caused it and why, made him realize that the goal of the Elite is to destroy the planet and the best thing YOU can do is grow your OWN food and STOP eating meat.

Growing your own food is something that brings communities together, and giving up meat puts the factory farms out of business. Think how much food it takes to raise one steer for slaughter. Think how many people could have been fed on the food it takes to bring one steer to your dining room table.

If you say you care for the planet and the other humans who live upon it, then I think it's time that you changed your taste buds and started eating food you grow yourself and eggs from your own chickens.

We would all be healthier if we cut down on all meat... but in particular red meat.

If you listened to my guest on last Friday, Doctah B. Sirius... a well known health professional in Los Angeles... you wouldn't eat certain animals because they were created by interbreeding. You would ONLY eat the animals that God created.

Buffalo and ostrich were some he named. Wild turkeys, vulchers... (they are VERY tasty)

Here's a Turkey Vulcher...YUM!!

Here's Robert Singer on RMN Rayedio!!

Taking a Closer Look at the Stories Ignored by the Mainstream Media
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