Plot to Destroy the US Dollar

PLOTTING THE DESTRUCTION OF THE US DOLLAR and the weakening of its role as the reserve-currency in the global market, was the underlying agenda of the Bilderberg Group, which convened its most ominous meeting to date in Greece on May 14-17, 2009.

According to an alleged Kremlin report, (and it’s believable), the shadowy Bilderberg Group - made up of financial, political and corporate elite - emerged from their conclave after coming to an agreement that in order to continue their drive towards a New World Order dominated by the Western powers, the US dollar had to be destroyed.

The main topic of discussion at this year’s Bilderberg meeting was the global financial crisis and its impact on the world’s reserve currency, the US dollar. Whether gathering together to solve the crisis or to steer it into a New World Order led by a chosen elite, the list of attendees actually included many of the primary architects of the crisis itself.

Names such as: -1- Zionist Jew, Lawrence Summers, Obama’s economic czar -2- Zionist Jew, Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary & former President of the Federal Reserve of NY -3- Zionist Jew & Rothschild stooge, Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the EU Central Bank -4- Zionist Jew, Robert Zoellick, former Chairman of Goldman Sachs & current President of the World Bank -5- Zionist Jew, James Wolfensohn, former President of the World Bank -6- David Rockefeller, founder of Chase Manhattan Bank, indicate both the undermining of the economic scenario and the influence of Zionist Jewry’s agenda of a Military/Zionist hegemony.

Indeed, many militarists and Zionist adjuncts were participants, quite unlike the roster of former Bilderberg meetings, which was limited to financiers, politicians, and CEOs. And not without significance, all of them represented the Obama “Change” administration.

Among Obama’s handlers were: -1- Keith B Alexander, Lieutenant General of the US Army and Director of the National Security Agency, the massive spying agency of the US -2- Zionist Jew, Richard Holbrooke, (born “Samuel Moos”), Obama’s envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan -3-General James Jones, National Security chief -4- Zionist Jew, Henry Kissinger, Obama’s envoy to Russia -5- Zionist Jew, Dennis Ross, Assistant Director of the National Security Council -6- David Petraeus, Commander of the US Central Command in the Middle East -7- Zionist Jew, James Steinberg, Deputy Secretary of State. View Entire List Here.

As a subsequent action to the Kremlin Report on the Bilderberg Meeting, Russian President Dimitri Medvedev joined calls by China, Brazil, and other nations, to prepare for the collapse of the US Dollar and proposed a new supranational currency to replace the American currency, while threatening to cut its US Treasury reserves.

On the heels of the Bilderberg meeting, on May 21, 2009, the voice of London’s Zionist-Jewish banking cartel, The Financial Post, leaked the following “warning” as a cover for their plot to have the US dollar destroyed:

“A serious case of dollar damage is now underway. With every uptick in stocks and commodities and its potential risks - debt and inflation - the US dollar’s day of reckoning is inching closer, as its status as a safe-haven currency fades.” View Entire Story Here.

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