Barack Obama - Health Care Lies

AMERICANS DON’T LIKE A CON MAN neither do they like being lied to. In just nine short months Barack Hussein Obama has revealed himself to be what he really is: a con man who lies to get what he wants.

Obama and his enablers (Soros-Brzezinksi-Wall Street Jews) are determined to turn Americans into vassals of an all-powerful federal government presided over by an all-powerful president, a corps of Jewish czars, and a Congress dominated by Zionist-bought political hacks.

Con men like Obama invariably resort to strong-arm tactics. An example is Obama’s Cap and Trade Bill - his first major attempt to impose his authoritarian will on Americans by strong-arming opponents through his Zionist Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel.

It narrowly passed the Zionist controlled House only after Emanuel applied the Zionist bludgeon to wavering Democrats whose “no” votes would cost them re-election in 2010.

Emanuel’s connections to Jewry’s media and money masters who smear offenders and finance those who play ball with them, is a large enough threat to put the ‘fear of the Jews’ into all of the political patsies on Capitol Hill.

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