Jay Leno's Ratings Drop Notably for Second Episode - Michael Moore is Guest

Leno moore Everybody expects Jay Leno's new primetime comedy show to drop significantly this week following its highly rated premiere.

The question is how fast, how far.

For its second episode, "The Jay Leno Show" drew a metered-market household rating of 8.0 and 13 share -- down 34% from his Monday debut.

The percentage will likely change as more detailed Nielsen data becomes available, but right now it's slightly more pronounced than the second night of Conan O'Brien hosting "The Tonight Show" last June, which fell 30%.

Still, Leno's drop is not as dramatic a plunge as NBC executives might have feared.

Night Two also had more broadcast competition for Leno, with the NBC program facing the second hour of CBS' "Big Brother," and ABC airing a Barbara Walters special on the late Patrick Swayze.

The real heavy hitters at 10 p.m. roll out next week, when broadcasters unleash the bulk of their premieres, including CBS' top-rated dramas such as "CSI: Miami" and "The Mentalist."

The episode featured an interview with Michael Moore in the studio, along with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz via satellite. Critics gave Leno props for his lively interviews (including asking Cruise if he's ever been to a strip club), but one opined that the second half of Leno's show was dominated by "excruciating" comedy bits.

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