N.J. School District To Mandate Hand Sanitizing - H1N1 - Swine Flu Prevention

Teachers Ordered To Monitor Cleaning Of Hands In Morning, Before And After Lunch And After Every Restroom Visit

Jersey City To Eventually Have Sanitizers In 3,000 Classrooms


The Jersey City school district is taking a proactive measure to fight swine flu. By November, every single classroom, that's 3,000 of them, will be equipped with hand sanitizers.

"As many times as they can, that's what I'd like for them to do. That's our preventive method to ensure to the parents and to the community and to the students that our children are safe healthwise," said Superintendant Dr. Charles T. Epps. "Best way to keep them safe."

The superintendent said students will be required to sanitize their hands when they walk into the class in the morning, before and after lunch, and after each restroom visit.

In fact, he said they'll be monitored by teachers.

"Yes, I would do it. I think you're only being being clean and protective," said Sapphire Howell, high school student.

The first batch of hand sanitizers will arrive at the schools toward the end of the month. Infectious disease specialists said it's the best way to to prevent the spread of swine flu, and parents agree.

"It's a great thing. It's just something that should have been done years ago," said parent Sherra Roberts.

Students will also receive preventive information in their health classes and maintenance workers will be extra vigilant, wiping down door knobs and desk tops.

"I think what this is going to do is encourage students to go out and buy their own hand sanitizers and put them in their pocketbooks and put them in their pockets," Epps said.

The cost to the district is around $100,000 but officials tell us the cost is well-worth it if it means keeping students healthy.

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