Mystery of Google's crop circle and UFO doodle

A crop circle spelling Google with the "L" missing underneath a UFO is the latest of the search engine's doodles to baffle web users.

Google doodle: Google's crop circle logo
Google's latest doodle, showing the company's name spelt out in crop circles, has sparked a flurry of speculation online

This latest in a series of mysterious changes to Google's famous logo is visible only to users of the UK version of the site. It has sparked dozens of online rumours about what the internet giant could be planning.

The new logo shows a flying saucer hovering over a field. The word "Google" is spelt out by a series of crop circles, but the letter "L" is missing, leading to speculation that the search company could be teasing web users ahead of the launch of a new project or service.

Clicking on the logo takes users through to a search page for "crop circles", including links to photos of the phenomenon and websites dedicated to explaining the origins of these mysterious shapes.

Ten days ago, Google sparked a flurry of internet speculation when it changed its logo to show a flying saucer "abducting" the letter "O" in its tractor beam. Clicking on that doodle took users through to a page about "unexplained phenomenon".

Google has refused to comment on the reasons behind its alien-themed doodles. A spokesman for the search company joked that it would leave web users to their own UFO theories.

Some have speculated that it's a publicity stunt to promote a new movie, such as District 9 or Avatar, while many more believe Google is simply responding to a surge in searches for information related to aliens and the unexplained.

Update: As readers have confirmed in the comments and via Twitter, the crop circles logo can be seen outside the UK.
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lila said... @ September 16, 2009 at 7:24 PM

A) Google is testing a new method of user behavoiur modification. B) Aliens have infiltrated the Google head offices... OR ... C) Google, being smarter than the average bear, realizes just how important the messages laid down in bucolic fields of grain really are.

I lay my money on C. because something mainstream really needs to enlighten the general public that just because it's unusual doesn't mean it isn't real. Google, after all, was nothing normal until they hit the big time.

Anonymous said... @ September 16, 2009 at 8:41 PM

Nah, me thinks *A*. They are testing peoples reactions like in War of the Worlds. It's a type of psyops....I don't really know. I'm just guessing like everyone else.

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