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Damn, I remember watching this unfold on the news. Tragic all the way around.........

On July 4, 2006,a drunk-driving accident in Sacramento took the lives of two teens, sent the driver to prison and destroyed friendships forever. Here’s one survivor’s first-person account.

By Ryan Neal
Ryan Neal stands at the corner of Folsom Boulevard and Hazel Avenue, the site of a fatal car accident he was in with four friends on the Fourth of July, 2006. Two of Ryan’s friends, Kendall Lui and Brian Haight, were killed on impact when the 4Runner Mike Dimitras drove smashed into a utility pole. Another, Colin White, suffered a broken neck and hand.

As far back as July 4, 1778, when Gen. George Washington offered his troops a double portion of rum, many Americans have chosen to celebrate Independence Day by drinking alcohol. It’s as much a part of the tradition as fireworks, barbecue picnics and baseball games. But it all comes down to the choices we make, and unfortunately, some people still choose to drive themselves home after the festivities.

On July 4, 2006, my friends and I made a choice.

And I’ve seen firsthand the suffering, anger, broken friendships and ruined lives that it led to. The accident I’m about to describe has had an effect on the entire Sacramento area, and the story has been told many times by many different people.

It’s time the full story gets told by someone who was there.

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