Today, Henry Gates; Tomorrow, You

by Kelley B. Vlahos

After a week, the turbid tale of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates and the Cambridge police has finally settled into the tedium of the 24-hour news cycle, singularly focused – but predictably superficial – in its debate over whether race played a prevailing role in Gates’ doorstep arrest on July 16.

That happens when a black, liberal scholar charges the white police officer who arrested him with racial profiling, and when the president, who happens to be black, says the police acted "stupidly" for doing so. The debate has thus found its shopworn but comfortable partisan trajectory, with Democrats using Gates to reopen a "dialogue" on race relations that forever churns but goes nowhere, and Republicans, largely represented by the right-wing blogosphere, loyally falling in behind the cops, holding the Thin Blue Line on the political front.

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Anonymous said... @ August 7, 2009 at 3:22 PM

you have got to be kidding ,this african american was cuffed for one reason only,he was black and you sick fucks in america and canada known this.mike scott canada has fought againts this shit for 60 years.rock and roll 1955 little richard and chuck berry.mike scott canada.i love you mr.henry gates.can i have a beer with you henry but remember mike scott canada has irish blood so i will drink you under the table.

Anonymous said... @ August 7, 2009 at 3:35 PM

dear mr.gates great work we fifties rebels from canada and the usa were so pissed off at what happened to you but we were proud of your stance.rock and roll 1955.mike scott canada.mike what did you say in 1964 to the customer who would not be served by a nigger?the employee mr.eugene brown an african canadian gas attendent came into my office and said mike the customer will not be served by fists clenchened i walked out to the customer and said you do not want to be served by mr.brown ?no we do not.good, now get the fuck off this property and never come back or i will kill you.true story i was circa 22 years old .mike scott canada.gas bar manager.

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