This Is NOT What Built America - Ted Twietmeyer

Perhaps that's one of the many purposes of the thousands of prison railroad cars in America - for that future day when people panic or just don't know what to do to survive. We still have the time NOT to become one of the lost, if everyone will only work at it. Nothing in life comes about without effort put into it. Now is the time to get started on it before time runs out completely.
In the Luray Caverns of Virginia there is a stone formation called fried eggs. It looks just like two eggs cooked sunny-side up. Over time, millions of tourist fingers touching the egg formation have put a fine polish on it (including your's truly.) Each visitor unknowingly took away with them a few molecules of stone which added up over time.
Bacon and eggs natural formation in Luray Caverns - one of the very few visitors are allowed to touch.[2]
Like the chipping away of Plymouth Rock and Stonehenge by souvenir hunters, little by little the quality of American life has also been seriously degraded over the past 40 years. Degradation started in earnest back in the sixties with the government freely circulating mind-destroying drugs to the hippies. The unique culture America had developed over centuries was slowly chipped away in a carefully calculated, insidious manner. Like the polishing of the stone formation, it was so gradual that almost no one has noticed it.
We can make America great again by the concerted effort of each citizen. The family unit IS the foundation of America and all that it eventually became, and it must be restored to make America great again. America's foundation must be rebuilt, but without destroying the good things already accomplished. The time start is right now and never stop.
Ted Twietmeyer

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