Government Flu Shots Already Killing Soldiers

Google SQUALENE – it’s in the swine flu shot. Go have a look at what is going on in London around these mandatory swine flu shots. Wake up and smell the world de-population plan soon to be enacted on America by your friendly neighborhood federal government, fema, secretly federalized police who are now armed to the teeth with military salvage weaponry, the WHO agenda, and the CDC.

Can you think of a logical reason that the CDC in Atlanta needs to own a half million polyguard coffin liners housed at a REX 84 USA FEMA concentration camp in north Georgia? Can you think of a logical reason that Baxter International would patent a swine flu vaccine last year months before swine flu actually appeared as if by magic in Mexico?

Does it make sense to you that scientists have noted that the construction of the swine flu virus from a combined 3 or 4 other viruses, including the original Spanish flu strain from 1918, that had to be carved off an Inuit Eskimo’s cadaver tissue, making it quite apparent that the virus was actually concocted in a laboratory? A la Frankenstein science?

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