New Policy Allows Police To Shoot At Fleeing Cars

How stupid can they be? Shoot at fleeing cars?! WTF? These muhfukkas are going to get innocent people killed. Not all policies are good.

Previously, Shots Could Only Be Fired At Cars Used To Attack

The Chicago Police Department has instituted a major change in policy regarding the use of deadly force.

Effective next Monday, police officers will be able to fire their guns under circumstances where they previously could not.

The new policy, from police Supt. Jody Weis and confirmed by WBBM Newsradio 780 Wednesday morning, allows police officers to shoot at fleeing vehicles if the driver or passengers are suspected of committing a felony.

The old policy allowed officers only to shoot at vehicles that pose a threat to them or others, such as if the driver were trying to run down the officer.

But now, officers need not be under attack to open fire.
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