Choice - Your Dog Or Having Home Insurance

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If you’re loving dog decides to bite how will it affect your home owners insurance?

By Dean A. Ayers

Lead Investigative Reporter

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Dogs love their friends and bite their enemies, quite unlike people, who are incapable of pure love and usually, have to mix love and hate, especially on their own private property or in their own home. But if your loving dog decides to bite one of those enemies that trespass on your property, how will that affect your home owners insurance?

We look to the universe, to the world around us, to each other, and, if we are believers, to the invisible world of owning our dog(s) is sacred, and if we have one more basic desire - voiced or not, recognized or not - it is that all these God given rights to own and protect our dogs, pets and animals on our private property be on our side.

We want life without government intrusion on our pets and animals to be our ally: helping us, empowering us, enabling us to be safe and happy. We want good things without animal control officers to come our way: our internal strife and heart felt wounds healed, our loneliness banished, our power restored, our fears allayed, and this can only occur by a true ownership of a dog, pet or other animal with ‘Intrinsic value’. We want alienation of our dogs, pets and animals to be replaced with canine acceptance by our neighbors, friends, family, and animal control so that we all live in harmony and belonging as allies to society, impoverishment with abundance, bondage with liberation, and darkness with light with our canine(s) at our side.

Then comes the reality of owning a dog when you own or rent your home and have to acquire home owners insurance. The reality is… that of having to identify to the insurance company that your own a dog.

When you get home owner insurance quotes, it is best to tell the agent or broker if you have a dog. Many insurance companies have special policies concerning dog ownership. Having a dog can raise your rates or make it impossible for you to get complete coverage on your home.

It seems that insurance companies are more interested in their bottom line than in man's best friend. People sue for dog bite and attacks more often now and the cost of covering that risk on home owner insurance is increasing.

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