E40 – Bay Area Legend - Stole My Slanguage!!!!

As you know sitfu.com is WorldWide and we receive emails from all corners of the Earth. Well, this just came in from some unknown location in the Bay Area. An email from a Mr. Anthony Parker. He say's E40 (One of my personal favorite entertainers) stole some of his slang. Get the fuck outta town! Check his story out and judge for yourself.

To: sitfu.com

From: AParker@netquest.com

As much as I like E40 Fonzarelli’s music, I can’t get over the factoid that he siphoned some of my verbal linguistic flavor. Peep this, many moons ago I used to live in the Yay Area. Vallejo to be exact.

One summer day in 88’, I was visiting some of my folkers for a family event. My cousin, T-Roy said he wanted me to meet some of his neighborhood familia who was into making musical moves.

Now dig, I always had dexterity when it came to spittin’ extreme verbal combinations and creating new and innovative slang terminology. Feel me? Ya’ see, when 40 Water heard me first spit some outta this world vocabulations….he asked my cousin “What did yo’ cousin just say?” I really didn’t think nothing of his inquiry until I heard him use a couple verbs that I had relayed earlier in the day.

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Peep the treachery though. After the BBQ and all my fambam had went their respective ways. Me and 40 chopped it up at the coffee table for a spell. His cousin B-Legit had to bounce, so we parted ways and that was that. A couple years pass and I had seen him from time to time and we were always on good ground….no issues, no probs. I’d bump his cd’s because the man makes slaps, no doubt.

Here’s the thing, I would hear him say *Uhhhh* as ad libs and whatnot. That one lil sound was part of my everyday way of speaking. Ask anybody in Vallejo. Everybody know me. I aint saying he STOLE my style, but it’s really reminiscent to the way I spit and that’s a factoid. I still dig 40 and we have never had a problem.

I just feel he went nationwide with some of my flavor and verbage. I aint bitter though. I’m glad he put the town on the map. And that’s a factoid. Ask him if he remembers me, Anthony Parker aka AP aka Big Twist. I bet he smile and say yeah, I remember that dude….real cool cat.

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CureofCancers said... @ November 30, 2014 at 8:35 PM

He also stole every inch of his rapping style from Volume 10 who was on the radio with Pistol Grip Pump a year before his underground hit

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