WAR IS OVER! If you want it

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by Rod Ciferri

That’s right; the war is over due to the courageous act of one Major Stefan Frederick Cook, United States Army Reserve, who recently challenged an Army order to deploy to Afghanistan on the grounds that they could not lawfully order him to deploy.

Since the Army has only that authority given to it by the President, and, since Obama himself must possess the authority of President in order to delegate it to the Army, Major Cook believes Obama must prove he has such authority before he may lawfully comply with an Army order to deploy.

Now, you may have heard of the controversy surrounding de facto President Obama’s eligibility to run for President. It has been the basis for over a dozen lawsuits, all of which have been dismissed, mostly because the courts have found the suits to concern “political questions”, the usual cop-out they use when they have a case that poses a constitutional controversy they’d rather not deal with. Perhaps you have just dismissed the claims that Obama is not a “natural born citizen” outright since the various lawsuits have not made it to first base.

Due to the actions of Cook, however, it’s becoming obvious that Obama is hiding something.

What he is hiding may contain the key that unlocks the door to peace for as long “President” Obama remains in “office”. After Cook commenced his lawsuit, the U.S. Army revoked their order to deploy him. Moreover, as of this date, Cook has not been discharged from the Army.

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