103.5 The Bomb & 102.5 KSFM....*Full Blast*-----repost

WTF is up with these stations playing sexually explicit songs on their morning shows? They gotta' know the kids are listening. I've heard statements like this before..."Well the parents shouldn't let kids listen to the radio, if they know those kinds of songs are gonna' get played". SHUT THE F*CK UP WITH THAT BULLSHIT! Most of us parents are doing the best we can to combat all the negative things that their our kids are exposed to on a daily basis.

Let me ask this, why cant so-called COMMUNITY radio stations take the lead and act like responsible adults/companies.....when they know kids are gonna' be getting dressed & eating cereal and toast in the morning?

Honestly, most of the people in Sacramento don't want to' hear about sucking and f*ucking first thing in the morning.......maybe in the evening, but not while the kids are listening. That's real talk. Don't get me wrong, I like some good sex just as much as the next man, but I don't want to hear sexual jokes, comments, songs & whatnot at 7 o'clock in the damn morning. There is a time and a place for everything.…..even though I’m sure you guys will continue doing what you do….try to keep that in mind.


We all have a job to do or a part to play…..a check to collect so to speak.. I know you guys are bound by corporate rules and regulations, but that’s no excuse for acting like silly fools in the morning. I still listen to both stations....just don't dig some of y'all ways.

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Anonymous said... @ January 19, 2010 at 3:37 PM

shut the fuck up

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