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I've just seen hell on earth: Four years after 7/7, a never before seen picture of the horror that confronted police on the Tube ripped apart by terrorists

By Sam Greenhill

Inching through debris and choking heat, police forensic officers comb the wreckage of one of the 7/7 tube trains in this never-before-seen picture.

Hunting for particles of evidence, they toiled in searing temperatures in the Underground carriages where suicide bomber Jermaine Lindsay blew up 26 innocent people four years ago yesterday.

This is the carriage where Jermaine Lindsay's bomb detonated.

Warped and blackened by the blast, this is the Piccadilly Line carriage where Jermaine Lindsay's bomb detonated at Russell Square station. A forensics officer in white rubber gloves inches his way along the floor - itself sheared away in the blast, exposing metal beams - searching for the smallest of clues

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