Absolutely Bizarre 'Creature' In Benjamin Fulford's Spine

From Benjamin Fulford
On January 22nd I had a major operation. They opened a 13 centimer section of my spinal cord and removed a tumour. The doctors say they have never, in thousands of operations, ever seen a tumour like it.
It looks like a salamander and has clearly defined eyes and a tail. I took a picture of it with my cell phone camera.
It may be what was responsible for the weird visions I had of the nature of the universe. Since it was on my spinal cord it was directly attached to my brain.
As I said before, it has what appears to be eyes and a mouth and the doctors reported some hard matter (spine?) in the tail of the creature. It was 8.3 cm long.
I have asked the doctors for hi rez pictures. It has been sent to a lab for testing but results are not expected for 10 days. However, one of the doctors told me the tail seemed to have a bony structure in it. That is not something you would expect to find in a tumour made of nerve cells. Also, you can see what look like eyes. This really is bizzare.
By the way, I feel just fine except for the fact they sawed open my back-bone.
(Excerpted from email)
Benjamin Fulford
Ben sent me the photo...and here it is. Let us know your thoughts...please email to: webmaster
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