Are People Considered Homophobes If They Chose Not to Support the Gay Agenda?

Even though curiosity killed the cat….I’m still curious about this Hot Button issue. From the outside looking in, it would seem people are labeled Homophobic if they don’t support homosexuality. Which I think is quite fucked up. When the people of California voted on Prop 8….The Gay Community didn’t & still doesn’t respect the vote. One thing we learn as children and everybody should know this by now is…..We don’t always get our way & Things don’t always work out as you had planned. Period dot. Overall, the majority of Californians are not down with Homosexuality and all it entails. They, meaning the Homosexuals don’t want to respect the rights of others and are willing to try to force their views on anybody within earshot. All I can say is, grow the fuck up. Stop crying and whining. In this situation, nobody’s *Rights* are being trampled. If anything they (The Gay Community) need to respect the rights of others….oh, and respect the vote.
Taking a Closer Look at the Stories Ignored by the Mainstream Media
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