Eau Claire - Housing complex owners vote to ban smoking

You work hard, pay your mortgage and can't come home and smoke a square if you so chose.....that's some bullshit America!! When will it stop?

Housing complex owners vote to ban smoking

By Julian Emerson
Leader-Telegram staff

It's not just indoor public places in Eau Claire where lighting up is prohibited. Now residents of a south side, owner-occupied housing complex will have to snuff out smoking in their homes, the most recent sign of public anti-smoking sentiment.

Members of the Fairfax Parkside Homeowners Association on Wednesday voted to outlaw smoking inside residences that are part of the 34-unit development. The ban also prohibits smoking in shared spaces, such as porches and garages, but does allow it in yards and on patios.

Of the 19 association members who voted on the issue, 15 favored the anti-smoking regulation proposed by association President Dave Hanvelt, while four argued that residents should be allowed to smoke in their homes.

"This doesn't restrict a smoker from living here," Hanvelt said of the smoking prohibition. "It just means that there are restrictions on where they can smoke."

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Anonymous said... @ July 20, 2009 at 8:11 PM

Is the building that shoddy where this is necessary. I sure wouldn't want to buy a condo in a building that toilet, cooking, smoking, and other odors are able to permeate the building. Buyer beware.

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