Henry Makow - Satanism - Sabbateans - Ashville, NC - Ravings Or Reality?

Oh, dear HENRY! I was almost killed by the Sabbateans in ASHEVILLE NC! Go to www.educate-yourself.org/ps and read my reports on Asheville satanism! The coven I uncovered in Asheville had MANY Jewish Sabbateans in it...Dr. Phillip Kittner, Dr. Benjamin Weiss, and many others in a list given to me by a former long term member come out finally to tell me all.

I wrote a letter pleading with KITTNER to come out of this horrible darkness, reminding him of his Jewish heritage that forbade such horrors. After that,I was warned by the satanic crime investigator in that area, that now that I had challenged them and written a letter to KITTNER, they would move against me to KILL ME! Meaning abduct and sacrifice! And they tried. And KITTNER would have been one of the major people murdering me on their altar there.

I know too much about him and many others there. I had to carry a glock 9MM for a while when police told me they were out to abduct and kill me. But it was only my faith in God through my Savior Jesus that kept me from their abduction attempt in 1995. I LIVE IN PRAYER, and that is the only reason I am still alive.

A satanic crime investigator confirmed the Jew Phillip Kittner from NJ (an abortionist now retired in Asheville) was a major part of the power people coven in Asheville, NC. SO did others from the coven.

Taking a Closer Look at the Stories Ignored by the Mainstream Media
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