Sacha Baron Cohen: It's so sad, but I have to kill off Bruno

How does the actress Isla Fisher cope? After ten minutes in the company of her other half, Sacha Baron Cohen, you start casually wondering about such matters. After 20, you are forced to conclude that she deserves some sort of medal.

Living with the many personalities Baron Cohen has inhabited over the last few years can't have been easy. First, he was Ali G; then Borat, the bumbling Kazakh TV presenter – each new incarnation more irritating than the last. This time round he is Bruno, a gay Austrian fashionista extraordinaire, and the star of Baron Cohen's latest film.

In recent weeks, we have seen more of Bruno than is perhaps comfortable, as Baron Cohen – who has turned getting media attention for his films into an art form – has thrown himself into a series of outrageous stunts. He has dressed up as a bull in Spain, a pink cow in Germany, and turned up in his native London in leather shorts and a bearskin, leading a marching band.

Sacha Baron Cohen in Universal Pictures film 'Bruno'

Sacha Baron Cohen comes across as a quiet, thoughtful man but he virtually has to be dragged back into his normal personality: 'When I create a character like Borat or Bruno, I learn to love them. I stay in them for a really long time, and in some ways I do become them'

Most shocking was when he dressed up as an angel for his entrance at the MTV awards in Los Angeles. Sweeping into the studio on a harness, a wing-clad Baron Cohen spiralled down towards the audience and landed face down in the lap of Eminem, exposing his naked bottom to the rapper. MTV said Eminem stormed out 'in a heated rage' after the incident, although it was later confirmed that he was in on the stunt.
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