Is Ice Cube & WestSide Connection Sending Subliminal Messages When They Throw Up the Dub?

For our HomeBoy Willie Washington, Ice Cube, Makc 10 & WC

Is this true? Could it be? Is Ice Cube sending subliminal messages via hand signs? Most people seem to think when they see Ice Cube and WestSide Connection throwing up the dub, they are representing the WestSide or West Coast. WRONG! We here at know differently. Fuck it, I’ll say it…..WE KNOW THE TRUTH! One of our dedicated readers sent us a email – that if proven true, will shock the World of Hip-Hop. We will not reveal our sources full name at this time, but the story is incredible and worth the price of admission! Ice Cube, Dub C & Mac 10 ALL know the truth behind this secret. This is just an incredible revelation. The email our source sent is posted below.

To: Wob Bilkins (

From: Reggie XXXXXX

Subject: Ice Cube Throwing Up the Dub(s)

To whom it may concern,

I hope I don’t come off sounding crazy by saying what I have to say. Most people don’t know this, but when Oshay aka Ice Cube is throwing up the dub he’s really showing love to our homeboy Willie Washington who passed away back in 1987. We all lived on the same blockLancaster Ave.. In 1987 Willie was on his way to Lings Market when tragedy struck. The dude had a fatal heart attack! He was only 17 years old. Cube, I mean Oshay was devastated. At the funeral we all swore that if we ever got rich and famous we’d honor our fallen comrade in some form or fashion.

You have to understand we all came up from the same soil. Me, William aka WC aka Dub C, Oshay aka Ice Cube all started doing different projects. That was right around the Time when Eazy started NWA. William and some other cats from the hood formed WC & The Mad Circle. I was in a group called The WestCoast Connection. We all still seen each other from time to time, but at one get together we started talking about Willie and Oshay said, “Nigga, I’m reppin Willie by throwing a W hand sign on stage”. He said, “I don’t know about y’all, but when I throw them dubs up, that shit is for Willie.”

We talked about forming a Super Group called The Heat Spittas, but the project never got off the ground. When the EastCoast vs WestCoast beef started, we were at the forefront. If the truth be told, I was one of the original members of the WestSide Connection. Matter of fact, we came up with name while sitting in Oshays mamas garage. It was just a twist on my old groups name. I had got a real bad throat infection and the doctor said my vocal cords were scarred from smoking too much of California’s finest weed. Anyway, Mack 10 came on the scene, I didn’t really know dude, but he took my spot. Man, Willie was a real cool dude who died waaay too young, but I guess God has a mission for us all. Oshay just had a bbq at his mansion and it was good to see a lot of the folx we came up with. We never forgot the promise we made to Willie either. So, when you see them dubs thrown up high, just know….them dubs is for Willie Washington….our homeboy for life.

This is for Willie

Reggie XXXXX

The Original WestSide Connection

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