Police pay off suspect, FBI investigating incident

SARASOTA, FL - A Sarasota man that was caught on camera allegedly being kicked by a Sarasota Police officer has been given a settlement check by the city. Now the FBI has been called in to investigate.

Juan Perez also signed a document which says he will basically release the city from any charges regarding the incident, which happened June 26th. But his attorney says his client, who doesn't speak English, was confused.

The video shows officer Christopher Childers taking Juan Perez into the booking area of the Sarasota County Jail. Perez had been arrested on charges of disorderly intoxication and obstruction. Officer Childers is seen going over to Perez, kicking him, then holding him down with his foot.

"As anybody would be looking at raw footage, I was very concerned. We wanted to make sure that we got to the bottom of this as soon as I could," says Sarasota Police Chief Peter Abbott.

Apparently the city worked quickly. Officer Childers was put on administrative leave, pending an investigation. And a $400 check has already been cut insuring Perez wont sue...as a settlement for the incident.

His lawyer says not so fast. "I do not believe that that release is enforceful. He was not aware of what he had signed." Jim Delgato, Perez's attorney, says his client is Guatemalan. He doesn't speak English, and Spanish is his second language. So communicating is a challenge.

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